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Expert Conversations for Breast Cancer Flood Social Media Outlets

Breast Cancer remains a hot topic and continues to take hundreds of thousands of lives annually. Now, in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness month, people from all over are sharing their opinions and advice about Breast Cancer dilemmas and encouraging one another to speak out. The infograph below shows recent Breast Cancer Statistics.

This infographic shows the number of male vs. female breast cancer diagnoses. Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck.
This infographic shows the number of male vs. female breast cancer diagnoses. Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck.

Gia Sison is a doctor and breast cancer survivor. She is popular in the social media world for her physician experience and personal battle with Breast Cancer. Sison is striking up a conversation about patient advocacy via Twitter . Her tweet sparks twitter user interests about the reality of pre-diagnoses. She states, “T2 As a doctor & breast cancer survivor the line-“We could’ve caught it early” is something I do not like to hear. I had no symptoms #hcldr”. Sison supports her point by encouraging patient care. She tweets, “Patient engagement should be sustainable beyond the conference, literally #PatientsIncluded #hchlitss” . According to the Newsroom at GE Healthcare, Sison is the latest guest speaker in #BCMTalks sessions, talks involving live feeds for a Breast Cancer community about individual experiences where patients are encouraged to engage in live online conversation. In addition, Dr. Oz, celebrity board certified heart surgeon and television personality, is bringing awareness to the topic. Dr. Oz is an advocate for Breast Cancer, tweeting an encouraging message to his audience to engage them conversation. He asks, .@ProtectThePecs How has breast cancer changed your life and what do you want to tell other men? #drivetheconversation”.

Consequently, a popular professional organization is also making news around the Breast Cancer buzz. Breast Cancer Answers recently posted an interview with the Susan G Komen foundation in relation to coping with Breast Cancer diagnoses. The foundation is a tribute to a woman named Susan G Komen, a woman who died of Breast Cancer when she was 33. Her sister, Nancy Brinker, is the founder of this successful non-profit organization that has contributed nearly $1.5 billion dollars to multiple aspects of breast Cancer research, care, and awareness.

Dr. Sandra Finestone, an advocate for Susan G. Komen, believes that the best way to handle a new diagnosis is to get all of the facts. In a recent video, she says, “Information eliminates fear; the more you know the less you fear.” In addition, Joan Lunden shares her view by expressing her opinion about importance of early breast cancer detection. Lunden is an American journalist who battles breast cancer and shares her experience of the mammogram process. “You should be getting ultrasounds in addition to mammograms,” she says, in regards to her personal experience with dense breast tissue. She says that if she had not gotten an ultra sound in addition to her mammogram, she would never had realized her serious condition. Her passions involve informing other women about check ups and factors that play a role in understanding the disease.

Experts at the Cancer Research Fund, a highly populated program affiliated with Amazon, recently posted about their proposed deadline to End Breast Cancer by 2020. They share a photo at the latest National Breast Cancer Coalition Leadership Summit, and state “National Breast Cancer Coalition Leadership Summit–Californians working for an End to Breast Cancer–Deadline 2020!” In addition, Dr. Tabor, Breast Cancer physician from John Hopkins and active advocate for nutritional based health for Breast Cancer improvement since 2009, provides resources to his viewers and asks individuals to “Please share” about the newest screening discovery in cancer genes.

Involvement does not stop there. Dr. Karen White is a Breast Cancer coach with an Ed.D and M.P.A who is emphasizing the importance of a religious foundation for battling the disease. She recently published her proposition for a new Christian Life coaching concept on LinkedIn’s network, asking her audience “Are you seeking to discover your life purpose?” In addition, Dr. David L. Katz, a certified LinkedIn Influencer and President of American College of Lifestyle Medicine, keeps his audience engaged with the latest discoveries in Breast Cancer treatments. Katz recently published an article about the flawed aspects of biopsies and the dangers of interpretation. The accuracy of Breast Cancer treatment remains controversial.