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Fischbeck Wellness, Inc. Introduces Innovative Health Non-Profit

A place of rejuvenation and health consciousness- this is what our non-profit, Fischbeck Wellness, Inc., believes every individual should have access to healthy resources on a daily basis.

Our goal is to provide a tranquil, stress-free environment through our health-based sustainability program. Our activities include agriculture, growing and harvesting crops, cooking crop classes, garden meditation, and knowledge for nutrients- just to name a few- for our community’s overall health and wellbeing. Too often, these activities are costly and many lack resources. We are creating something that everyone can access, so every individual has an opportunity to maintain optimal health.

Maintaining sustainability in a fast paced environment can often go overlooked, which is why our program has an individual focus on the following: creating a sustainable space, growing, harvesting, and donating crops to the surrounding community in need and for participants involved in the program. The farm-like environment we create on site gives everyone a do-it-yourself guide on how to grow food and provides each individual with a farm-like experience in his or her area.

Any donations help us get one step closer to growing our community into a healthier and happier environment. And keep an eye out for our fundraising events, too!






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