Seniors Strongly Encouraged To Be Cautious During Flu Quarantine

Seniors Strongly Encouraged To Be Cautious During Strange Weather Events from Leilani Fischbeck on Vimeo.

The halls of an Independent Living Facility in Woodland Hills, CA are especially quiet on Jan 11, 2015 after recent flu quarantine lifts after an H1N1 outbreak. However, the weather still affects the activity around the area. This video shows the secluded environment of the local retirement home and the cold weather front that all Los Angeles locals have endured over the past few weeks. The recent weather event started Jan. 8, 2015 in Woodland Hills, CA and continues into today with record low temperatures in surrounding areas. The lowest Jan. 1 temperature in Pasadena was 32 degrees, a record set in 1952, according to Glum’s report from the International Business Times. Kevin Kavanaugh, Director of Public Affairs at Illinois Council on Long Term Care, stresses the risks associated with the flu and cold weather. Kavanaugh says staying indoors, keeping temperatures inside at 70 or above, checking body conditions of residents that take medicines that can impact body temperatures, and washing hands thoroughly are important preventative measures. According to, seniors need to practice extreme caution during flu season and, this especially cold period. The flu can be very serious, even deadly, to those 65 or older. In addition, the CDC recommends seniors should practice good health habits by covering their coughs, sanitizing hands, and avoiding others who are sick.

According to the Administration of Aging, seniors are the fastest growing population. In the year 2000, there were over 605 million people 60 years or older. In this recent article, James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, states that the baby boomers and soon-to-be seniors will reinvent retirement.

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