Single Mastectomies Proven a Better Choice than Double

Recent discoveries and data analysis show that single mastectomies are a better choice than double mastectomies in the early stages of breast cancer. According to Medical News Today, individuals who have the choice between a single and double mastectomy typically choose a double mastectomy. However, that is not always the best option. This publication states, “…many studies have suggested a double mastectomy does not improve survival for women in the early stages of breast cancer. What is more, researchers claim a double mastectomy raises the risk of postoperative complications.”

Photo of Dr. Deanna Attai in front of a machine that hopes to eliminate mastectomies through precise targeted removal of the breast cancer cells. Photo from AP Images.

Consequently, better quality of life and improved health are associated with those who chose a single mastectomy to remove the cancer cells. Additionally, the academic journal for Current Oncology stresses the importance of conserving breast tissue for a higher survival rate.

This Infogram describes the percentage of individuals with a choice between single and double mastectomies, and their decisions. Information from | Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck.


Photo of Robert Kaitz’s in the healing stages after a single mastectomy. Photo from AP Images.

Kiana Bobo Hatley, recently featured in an interview about her cancer battle, did not have a choice in the matter. A double mastectomy was her only option. She states, “I did not choose a double mastectomy. …It was needed. Triple negative breast cancer is extremely aggressive…the best option was to remove both breasts.” Realistically, not every individual has a choice. However, those who can choose a single mastectomy over a double mastectomy have proven to have better health results and a higher quality of life.

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