New Study Proves E-Cigs and Vaping to be Harmful

A recent article from NBC News has just reported high levels of Formaldehyde within the E-Cigarette. This poses a high danger for e-cig and vapor users. The New England Journal of Medicine states that the exposure to formaldehyde from an e-cigarette can be five to 15 times higher than a regular cigarette. When e-cigarettes were introducing themselves to the market, the health risks associated with it were unknown although certain cities decided to ban vaping in public from the start. However, studies are now recognizing the formaldehyde carcinogen to be significantly high in e-cigarettes. A recent NY Times article titled, “Is Vaping Worse than Smoking?” highlights individuals questioning whether the focus of Formaldehyde specifically is tainting the results of how overall dangerous e-cigarettes are. However, at this moment, many health professionals feel that e-cigarettes or vaping is just as dangerous as cigarette smoking.

Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck on
Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck

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