Breast Cancer Awareness Brings Scary Statistics

Millions of individuals are supporting a cause that they can relate to, according to statistics from the Center for Disease Control. Breast Cancer is one of the most widely talked about health diseases in the United States and a substantial number of individuals battle with Breast Cancer every day. The Center for Disease Control regulates and maintains statistical information based on recent trends. According to the CDC’s U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group in 2011, almost 220,097 women and 2,078 men have a breast cancer diagnoses. Consequently, on February 2015, Cancer.Org reveals that 12% of women will get Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Over 40,000 women will die from breast cancer this year.

This infographic shows the number of male vs. female breast cancer diagnoses.
This infographic shows the number of male vs. female breast cancer diagnoses. Infographic created by Leilani Spring Fischbeck.

Treatment for Breast Cancer is often complex and taxing on the body. The Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization that describes the options for Breast Cancer Treatment, in addition to other health related topics. The options they list for treating Breast Cancer include removal of the cancer cells, a single and/or double mastectomy, or removing lymph nodes. In this year alone, there have been 231,840 cases of invasive breast cancer among women in the United States, according to Susan G. Komen. Moreover, this trend does not seem to be declining. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is reporting an increase in Breast Cancer diagnoses. NIH states that although mastectomies use to be the most common form of treatment, “Breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) followed by local radiation therapy has replaced mastectomy as the preferred surgical approach for treating early-stage breast cancer.”

Individuals from all over are working to cope with their disease or the disease of their loved ones. Consequently, this disease affects women more than men. In addition, studies show that individuals with certain coping strategies may be more successful for surviving the disease. The NIH states that individuals that express their emotions when dealing with this disease have a better success of survival.

Celebrities, like Tom Hanks, are showing their concern with public appearances and large contributions and supporting the issue. In addition, organizations like Avon are showing their support by hosting numerous Breast Cancer awareness events around the world. One of their main events is called, “The Avon Walk around the World for Breast Cancer”, which focuses on showing support in over 50 countries for the disease. Another event that took place in April 2015 raised over 4.6 million dollars in one region, according to popular tweets. Growing popularity of this issue has made the pink ribbon a standard symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness, where individuals wear a pink ribbon to show their support.

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