Black Lives Matter Organization Protests at City Hall

On Monday, August 15, 2016, the Black Lives Matter organization gathered outside of Los Angeles City Hall to call for the resignation of L.A.P.D. police chief, Charlie Beck. The protest began on Friday, August 12, partially fueled by the killing of Redel Jones, a 30-year-old Black woman. Jones was shot and killed by police in an alley in South Central after allegedly not dropping the knife in her hand.

Protestors march chanting, “Say her name, Redel Jones” | Photo by Jamin Allgood, Leilani Spring Fischbeck

Some activists for BLM explain that the reason for their encampment and visible protest is due to the serious racial mentality within the police force. Kate Mather at the Los Angeles Times reported on related statistics, finding that 260 homicides occurred in Los Angeles just last year.

Photo of Sandra Bland outside of City Hall. Photo by Jamin Allgood, Leilani Spring Fischbeck

Consequently, questions revolve rapidly amongst the issue. Some questions circulating are whether these homicide rates are due to the massive population of over 4 million people in Los Angeles, gang violence, a racist police force, neglectful police protocol, and/or the type of emergency responses towards certain situations.

BLM organization in Los Angeles | Photo by Jamin Allgood,Leilani Spring Fischbeck
BLM advocates marching in Los Angeles. Photo by Jamin Allgood, Leilani Spring Fischbeck

On August 17, 2016, L.A.P.D. has evicted the BLM organization from the surrounding City Hall grounds.

Officers outside of City Hall putting up signs. Photo: Jamin Allgood, Leilani Spring Fischbeck

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